dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Landscape and Myth

The myth of the pristine landscape is now centuries old and has evolved through the poetry of Virgil and the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich to the conceptual art of the present.
Nature has always been a kind of escape area for people who turned away from industrialization and mass culture, we see this phenomenon ever since the romance.
Nature takes as it were the prominent place of God, man is now subject to nature.
Nature is the place where you can be alone with the exalted nature. In the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich you can sense the loneliness of a searching soul.
The paintings have a mystical charisma, there is a mood that you experience when you walk in the mountains, that feeling of peace and freedom is reflected in his paintings.

Land and Landscape, could be traced back to the romance.
The "landscape" has lost its innocence and will only expose itself as an ideological construction if we leave out industry, urbanization and traffic jams.
Through this elimination, the nostalgic landscape presents itself as the antithesis of the harsh urban reality.
Myths and rituals are something mysterious to us, because they are related to archaic and ancient cultures.
If you look concretely to the understanding of myth, it’s in fact a story about very basic things that are closely connected to life.
In a way, one can say that myths are not necessarily connected to history, because it can essentially occur at any moment at any time.

For science a myth is the opposite of rational science.
One myth says nothing about insight, says nothing about knowledge, it says something about lifestyle, which belongs to humanity from the beginning.
It arises from the base of humanity.
``Spiral Jetty`` Robert Smithson 1970 

Modern artists want to go back to the source.
Where transcendence and religion cease to exist, art has the ability to take over this role.
Modern artists look to classical forms to simultaneously retain its atmosphere and recover them, but also to use these elements into their own work.
It is not the content what is rehearsed, it is the gesture of the myth that is recreated.
The landscape has always been surrounded by a mystical undertone and connected with myths.

 Land art has redesigned the feeling of the myth .
The trip from the gallery to the natural world is like entering a time, which is a fusion with nature and therefore it can reveal life, transience, memory and death.

By Maarten Donders  `` Traces in Time & Space``

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