donderdag 23 september 2010

Circles & Labyrinths

A circle is probably the most important and widely used geometric symbol, which also owes its shape to the way sun and moon appear. According to the speculations of the Platonic and Neo Platonic philosophers, a circle is a perfect shape .

Looking at a circle, there is no beginning or end, nor a direction or orientation to read, and is therefore often proposed as heaven and all spiritual.

Concentric circles do also appear when something is thrown into the water. These shapes are often found in prehistoric tombs engraved, can probably be interpreted as sinking in the waters of death.

Labyrinths, what was the meaning for the people who really used it, drawing in the sand or carved in stone? In the beginning, labyrinths are associated with death. The inward movement often indicates the death outwards to regeneration. "Becomming reborn" and death are often compared to the microcosm of the earth and a macrocosm of the human anatomy. At death one returns to Earth, the mother, from were we eventually will be born again.

The presence of a labyrinth in cemeteries often has a ritual meaning, entering the earth.
The labyrinth is both the earth and the human body as a source of life.

By Maarten Donders  `` Traces in Time & Space``


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