woensdag 11 december 2013

Dossier 3.0


Young people and artists come together in Dossier 3.0

To create something beautiful, away from all the problems ...

This is the motivation of the art project dossier 3.0 which Foundation `` De cultuurkantine ``has recently launched.
Various art forms are practiced where the children can tell their story. Through this collaboration with artists, they can  work without having to worry about something, that's the idea behind this project.
50 Dutch artists working with young people from care institutions.
Painters, sculptors, designers and photographers, create a work of art with these young people.
Each is working on different artistic ideas with a youngster. in their professional field
It is an honest plan to make these young people familiar with art from which something beautiful can arise.

Opening exhibition Queen Maxima Noord-Brabants Museum 
in Den Bosch with Maarten Donders

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