dinsdag 22 maart 2011

Butterflies & dragons

Tanks, Butterflies & Dragons

In 1947 my father lived as a young officer in Indonesia, with the Hussars of Boreel during the police actions at that time.
From England he went by boat with a lot of guys to Java and Jakarta, Indonesia.

"The police action is actually a term used for military intervention to identify.
Apart from the police action (short-term Dutch offensives), the Indonesian War of Independence more like a guerrilla of the Indonesian nationalists against the Dutch troops.

Holland did not recognized the republic as an independent state, but regarded it as an insurrectionary movement in the Dutch East Indies colony
" During daily patrols in the jungle, with tanks and jeeps, which were dangerous enough, my father must have had a huge admiration for the overwhelming nature that surrounded him.

Constant tropical heat, day and night. Between the sounds of war during the day at night there was a very different sound, the sound of the jungle and everything that came to life.
Between all the dangers lurking, painful leeches, swarming insects and fluttering colorful splendor, he most have realize the incredible beauty hidden in the jungle .

This feeling, this magnificent beauty, which was until then virtually unknown to him, must have bin the reason to make a small collection , a document as it were of insects and butterflies.
More than a half century later, I cherish this collection, with particular and sometimes bizarre-looking insects and butterflies. Although the colors are faded, the beauty is gone , this collection is wonderful, is a life of its own, as I look through old books.

This object was part of the exhibition `` Plastieken hertjes & Buzz Light Years `` (Plastic Bambi's and Buzz Light Years) in `` de Overslag `` Eindhoven, Netherlands on March 27 2011

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